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For nearly 10 years we have worked to become a leader in what we do. Our work has been recognized by various entities including Ebony magazine, the Washington Post, and the Maryland State Bar Association.

Our accomplishments have been earned by tailoring each representation to the individual needs of our clients. You lead a busy life, we understand this. We have invested in the latest technology to allow us to interface remotely with our clients, wherever they are. In addition, our partnerships with other regional firms allow in-person meetings regardless of location.

PACE Group PLLC has three practice groups: bankruptcy, real estate, and family law.


The bankruptcy practice group focuses primarily on chapter 7 and chapter 13 in both Washington, DC and Maryland. A bankruptcy attorney in Washington, DC can help you decide which chapter is appropriate for you. Chapter 7 is what most people refer to when they intend to file for bankruptcy protection. Chapter 7 involves the completion of a credit counseling course, the creation and filing of a bankruptcy petition, a meeting with your case’s trustee, the completion of your debtor’s education course, and then the receipt of your discharge order from the court in the mail. Chapter 7 is a highly efficient process that allows everyday people to re-start their lives. It’s relatively quick and, provided you are properly represented, fairly easy.

Even though the first conversation with your Washington, DC bankruptcy attorney will likely focus on how you can qualify for filing under chapter 7, there are many great reasons to file under chapter 13. Are you behind on your mortgage payments? If so, chapter 13 can force your mortgage company to allow you to re-pay your arears over a period of 3 to 5 years. This means, that even if your mortgage company refuses to give you more time to catch up under chapter 13 they will be forced to accept payment over an extended period and will be prevented by court order from selling your home during this time.

Do you owe back taxes? You can pay back your taxes over a period of 3 to 5 years if you file under chapter 13. What’s great here is the following: not only will the IRS be forced to accept your payments, you will not be charged interest and penalties on the debt while you make your payments.

Do you have a second lien on your home? If your home is “underwater” to the extent that the value of your home is less than the value of your first lien, then, it may be possible to “strip off” the second lien. What this means is that you can remove the second lien on your home and discharge it through bankruptcy just like any other unsecured debt. You keep your home and continue making payments on the first lien alone.

Do you owe more on your car than it is worth? In chapter 13 the debtor can “cramdown” the loan so that the value of the loan is reduced to the value of the car. At the end of the process, you keep your car and pay, quite often, a significantly lower car note going forward. An experienced Washington, DC bankruptcy lawyer can file the requisite paperwork to start this process within your bankruptcy case. Call PACE Group PLLC today to determine whether you can take advantage of this option.

These are just a few examples. Chapter 13 is a powerful but underused tool to help you get your financial life back on track. Give PACE Group PLLC a call to discuss all of your options under the bankruptcy code. Only an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in the Washington, DC area can provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decision. Call today for your free consultation. Don’t leave your financial future to chance.

Real Estate

Everyone remembers the purchase of their first home. The excitement of leaving settlement with keys to your first home or investment property is positive feeling that many are familiar with. But what happens when this good feeling is ruined by the misdeeds of others? There could be many causes: a tenant who is refusing to pay? A tenant who is damaging your property? Did a home renovation damage your property? Did a contractor who take your money and run? The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps the problem is a condo or home owners association. Litigation involving home owners associations and condo boards has increased dramatically over the last ten years. Driven partially by the increased density of residential developments, increasingly stringent association by-laws, and financial pressures both individual and national, lawsuits against associations have increased. Where do you stand in this battle and what rights do you have? Contact PACE Group PLLC for a free consultation to find out.

Family Law

Divorce can happen to anyone. The decision to file for divorce must be made with great care. A lawyer can help you make the best decision for you and your family. In Maryland a divorce can be either limited (legal separation) or absolute (permanent). Some people choose a limited divorce over absolute because they need to continue using their spouse’s health insurance or other benefits. Or, perhaps, sufficient reasons or “grounds” for absolute divorce does not yet exist, which leaves limited divorce as the only option. PACE Group PLLC offers free 30 minute divorce consultations. These visits are confidential. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

For most clients, divorce is not the only issue that needs to be litigated. Often, there are children involved and assets need to be divided amongst the parties. In Maryland child custody determinations are made by the judge with the interests of the children in mind. What does this mean to you? First, this means that regardless of whatever written or unwritten agreement you may have with your partner –the judge as the finder of fact is going to determine where the child should live based on the child’s needs, rather than the convenience of the parties. This also means that child custody can always be modified. Neither party should assume that an initial award of custody is also a permanent award of custody. Contact PACE Group to discuss your options.

“What I have always set out to do is to create space where clients leave knowing more about the law and more about their case than they did coming in. As a zealous Washington, DC bankruptcy lawyer, part of my job is, still, to educate my clients --to arm them with the information they need to feel confident about their legal position. That, I have found, is the crucial first step in any litigation.”

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Stacy R. Pace, Esq.
Ms. Pace earned her B.A. Degree from Cornell University and her J.D. Degree from The George Washington University National Law Center. She is admitted to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
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