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Stacy R. Pace, Esq. has been practicing in downtown Washington, DC for over 10 years in the areas of land use, zoning and contract disputes. Stacy R. Pace, Esq. and her helpful support staff understand that seeking the assistance of a law firm is an important one. We consider our clients (past and present) to be family. And we fight tooth and nail to make sure that our family is protected. Our Washington, DC office advises clients on a wide varies of real estate related matters. Many of our clients need assistance with local zoning laws and navigating the relevant zoning board; we represent small business clients before the board and handle any appeal, if necessary. Because we have been in business so long we have established relationships with many title abstractors, CPAs, and various other related professionals to help your matter proceed and smoothly as possible.

Every state, county, and local municipality enacts laws that government the manner in which real property may be used. Such laws may be in the form of ordinances, statutes, by-laws, and case law. For this reason, the first step in any deal involving real property is understand these myriad laws and to complete the necessary due diligence necessary to say that your intended use is in compliance.

If your intended use is not in compliance you may need to apply for a variance, allowing you to continue your project as plan, but, asking permission for your use to “vary” from the established rules covering real property in that particular location. Generally, business or commercial applicants should be represented by counsel. However, even if you are applying as a private individual think carefully about whether you might instead benefit from counsel. The manner in which the initial application is prepared, in addition to all supporting documentation, provides the basis for which the zoning board makes its decision and forms its first impressions of the applicant. First impressions can be difficult to correct.

Representation & Litigation for Home/Condo Owner Association Disputes

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing real property and not being able to take advantage all of your rights as a home owner because of the negligence or otherwise inappropriate behavior of others. PACE Group PLLC understands this reality and pushes to bring your matter to resolution as quickly as possible. If you are currently having problems with your real property investment —condominium, cooperative, or home owner association you need to seek legal counsel as early as possible. Mistakes made early on may have irreversible effect on the trajectory of future litigation. Call PACE Group PLLC for a free 30 minute consultation to give you the guidance you need to avoid costly mistakes.

There are specific local laws and regulations that all associations must abide by; however, the question of whether or not a certain action is permissible is generally guided by the bylaws or other similar documentation enacted by the association. For this reason it is crucial that a copy of the current real estate association bylaws, in addition to all relevant prior versions, be accessed and made available for attorney review. In addition, think about all communication between yourself and the association. Start a contemporaneous log of calls noting the date, time, and subject matter of all calls with the association. Every situation is different. Your case may need more or less than the items previously mentioned. Take advantage of your 30-minute free consultation today and protect your real estate investment today.

Representation in the Area of Contract Disputes

Business transactions often involve lawyers; it is just the nature of the beast. Even if your current or potential business partners do not bring their lawyer to the table you can be certain that they have at the very least discussed the relevant legal issues with an attorney to protect their position. Be prepared. Regardless of the size of the property deal, your signature creates an enforceable legal document. As an experienced attorney, Stacy R. Pace, Esq., can help you avoid unnecessary risk and set you and your business on the path to profitability.

PACE Group PLLC also helps businesses in Washington, DC and Maryland when disputes occur in the middle of a business transaction. When this occurs it is best to seeks legal guidance immediately. An experienced real estate attorney can quickly identify points of agreement, reduce acrimony, and establish reasonable parameters for resolving the dispute. Involving counsel early in a dispute can reduce damages, minimize the risks involved in litigation, and may avoid the filing of a lawsuit in its entirety. Let us help you identify the risks so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your business.


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