Home and Condo Association Disputes

Most people don’t invest in real estate in order to get into disputes with their home or condo associations. We get this. PACE Group PLLC’s approach is to resolves your dispute with the association as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most likely you have already attempted resolution on your own and have been unsuccessful. Often, the best first step you can take is to obtain legal advice. Even if you do not retain counsel for the entirety of your dispute, our experience tells us without a doubt that legal representation and guidance, early on, dramatically impacts the likelihood of success for your legal matter.

Understand that You Are in a Dispute

One of the biggest mistakes we see is owners not realizing that they do indeed have a dispute. As such, owners should engage in all of the usual procedures, namely:

  • Take notes of all phone conversations
  • Create a phone log
  • Send letters
  • Keep conversations (especially written conversations) cordial

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Prepare for Your Free 30-Minute Consultation

So –you have made the decision to seek legal counsel. That’s great. To get the most of your visit you will need to provide certain pieces of information to us to allow us to give you the best advice. The following lists items regularly provided by clients ahead of their 30 minute consultation.

  • Copies of all association documents (including association by-laws and updates)
  • Copies of all letters, text messages, and e-mails
  • Any relevant pictures or other photographic documentation
  • All relevant reports or surveys produced by third parties.
  • A written timeline of events; and
  • Notification of any pending action

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